Chronic diseases are called chronic because medicine does not know the cause nor how to treat
them.  Medications can only mask the symptoms, and do not solve the problem.  Dr. Alomar's
approach incorporates nutritional and diet changes, herbs, exercise, relaxation, changes in lifestyle,
and the use of medications only if necessary.

Most diets fail because the are one size fits all, and not applied gradually.  Each person has a
unique biochemistry that is based on genetic predisposition, the medications and supplements
taken, the diet eaten, and present and past medical history.  All those variables should be
considered when designing individualized diet.  And it should be implemented gradually for better
An easy change that people can make is to eat organic food, particularly organic meat, and
unprocessed food.  The more natural the food is, the less contamination it contains.  Food  
produced organically (meats and vegetables) do not contain pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals,
hormones, genetically altered, cloned or modified ingredients. Estrogen and antibiotics can be
found in the meat most people eat.  Estrogen is now known to cause cancer, and the antibiotics kill
good bacteria in our bodies.   Many health problems can be eliminated when the diet and lifestyle
are analyzed and appropriate changes are made.   Small changes can lead to huge health
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advises you to make your own health care decisions based upon our own research and contultation with a qualified health care professional.

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nutrition and diet are important for your health
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