As a 4th grade teacher, I was on my feet all day and began experiencing severe leg
tingling and pain.  When the pain in my legs became too uncorfortable, I was referred
to a neurologist who performed some tests and decided that I have peripheral
neuropathy for which he prescirbed the drug Neurontin.  I began taking this drug and
the pain in my legs did lessen considerably but I began to loose my memory and
would even jumble up words as I read to my class.  I became quite concerned.

Dr. Alomar spent considerable time investigating my eating habits.  He found that I
was eating large quantities of artificial sugars.  He advised that I completely remove
those from my diet and added more organic whole foods.   With this, my leg pain
lessened and is almost non-existent.  Even though this result was good, Dr. Alomar
ordered tests that showed that I did not have neuropathy but rather peripheral arterial
disease in my legs.  So I was being treated for the wrong condition with the strong
medicine by the neurologist.

Dr. Alomar has continued to monitor my progress and has added herbs to my diet
rather than medications.  With this change in diet and the addition of herbs, Dr. Alomar
is hoping that my peripheral arterial disease will also improve.

I had also been on hormonal replacement treatment for over 15 years and Dr. Alomar
has successfully taken me off that and replaced the medicine with an herb so I have
no hot flashes or other side effects of menopause.  He continues to monitor my bone
density with tests that hopefully show no further loss due to healthy eating patterns.

I had also suffered from migraine headaches in the past and was given codeine to
control the pain.  I am now eating healthy foods, exercising daily and taking herbs and
have not had a migraine in months.

I can't thank Dr. Alomar enough for his help in getting me off the medications that I
was taking.  I actually enjoy my appointments with him because he is such a caring,
compassionate listener.
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Headache/Peripheral Neuropathy
by Linda Todd, Kenosha, WI