When my doctor called me several days after I had completed my annual physical saying
she wanted me to schedule an appointment in order to discuss my cholesterol levels, I was
dismayed.  I was even more disheartened when she told me that my overall cholesterol
level along with my LDL had increased since last year.  Her advice to me--that I begin
taking a cholesterol lowering drug, probably Crestor--was more dismaying yet.  After many
questions, I knew I was not yet ready to start taking a drug that I would most likely have to
remain on for the rest of my life.  I knew that part of the regime in taking a statin drug
would be having blood draws in order to keep abreast of my liver function.  When I asked
her if she knew of any alternative methods for treating high cholesterol (I was already
exercising regularly and had attempted to modify my diet a bit), she said she did not.  I left
her office that day informing her that I wanted to do some research for myself.

Upon arriving home, I got on the web and eventually found the name of Dr. Wael Alomar
listed along with a few other physicians who offered alternative, holistic approaches to
healthcare.  I was delighted to see that he was in close proximity to my home, as well.  I
recall that I inquired about him via email, and when I received a reply I made an
appointment in order to discuss my situation further and to hear what his protocol for my
elevated cholesterol would include.

The initial and primary approach that Dr. Alomar took was to do a thorough evaluation of
my eating lifestyle, my health concerns, medical history, etc.  Armed with that information
he began desiging a "diet" that was tailored specificaly to my physcial and medical needs
as well as my eating preferences.  You may be surpised to know that I did not have to go
on a self-depriving diet which put many foods on a forbidden list.  Not at all!  The big
change that came was "going organic."  For me, going organic has meant expanding my
eating options.  I eat a wider variety of foods, food tastes better, and I feel good about
what I eat.  Perhaps my husband said it well when he recently remarked, "Eating has
become almost like an adventure."

Although, I had orginally sought out Dr. Alomar for my cholesterol concerns, I was amazed
several weeks later when I began to notice that the fibromyalgic-like aches and pains
which I had grown to tolerate as part of my almost daily existence had disappeared.  When
I used to take note if I had a day that was pain free, I now notice when a day when the
fibromyalgic-like pain recurs.

Another unanticipated, but welcome, "side effect" of this "treatment" has been weight loss.
 I have lost approximately 15 lbs., I haven't even really tried, and I certainly haven't felt like
I've had to deprive myself of foods I love to eat.

I am grateful to have a way of attending to my personal medical concerns that are
oriented towards what is natural and healthful for my body.  I hope that others will have the
opportunity to experience body-friendly approaches to their healthcare.

Oh, by the way, about the cholesterol.  I had it checked in January--the first time since
making these lifestyle changes with Dr. Alomar's care and guidance.  It was (normal and)
42 points lower than the report I received at my annual physical.

Happily submitted by:  Donna Swanson, Pastoral Psychotherapist
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High Cholesterol
by Donna Swanson, Gurnee, IL