Atopic Dermatitis. That's what the doctor called it.  To the average person, it is
simply known as eczema.  Some people are born with it.  Others develop it later in
life.  For me,  I can remember having a mild case of it when I was young, but it didn't
officially rear its ugly head until I was fifteen.  For me, that's when the suffering really

If you are one of those unfortunate people who suffer from eczema, and if you have
had it for any length of time, then you have probably been to numerous family
doctors and dermatologists.  Each one asks you to try some pill or skin treatment
that contains some ingredient that has a small, negative side-effect, like sterilization!
 On top of that, everybody and their grandmother have given you a gazillion home
remedies that they swear worked for their great aunt's nephew's cousin's brother's
ex-roommate!  Some of the concoctions weren't so odd, so I gave them a try.  
Others seemed downright bizarre, but you tried them anyway, hoping desperately
that it wouldn't turn you into a frog or lizard!

Each "cure" you tried, both from doctors and from well-intentioned friends and
family, caused your hope to die a little more, until at this point, you have just
resigned yourself to a life of ceaseless itching, dry, flaky skin and ugly, oozing sores.

If you can relate to what I have described, then I ask that you continue to read my
story.  I know what you are going through.  My eczema covered my entire body  --  
some places worse than others.  I have had doctors tell me that I have the worse
case of eczema they had ever seen!  How encouraging.

My skin was so full or sores that I never wanted to wear shorts or t-shirts, even in
hot weather, because my legs and arms looked so bad.  Sometime I had so many
sores on my knees that it hurt to walk, or sometimes they were located in hightly
delicate places, making it hurt to sit down.  When It got really bad, I would take a
sick day off of work and sleep for literally 14 hours straight, then soak in an oatmeal
bath all day.  I was thankful for the hair I had that covered the sores on my head,
that is until my hair decided it didn't like me anymore and I list it all down the sink!

Needless to say, I was pretty miserable.  Finally, a friend of mine introduced me to
some supplement products, which helped keep my eczema somewhat under control.
 These products at least got rid of the eczema on my face and head (just as the last
bit of hair fled for good!), and reduced it on the rest of my body.  However, I was
buying over $100 worth of products every month just to keep me only
miserable instead of oh-God,-let-me-die miserable.

Finally, one day (following the advice of yet another doctor!) I tried using vaseline on
my legs to help with my extremely dry skin.  In all fairness to the doctor, who would
have ever thought that I was allergic to vaseline! Needless to say, I wasn't going to
be doing any swinsuit modeling anytime soon after that.

I began seeing a natural doctor, Dr. Alomar.  I'm not talking about some wacko who
grows his own "medicine," but a real M.D. who uses natural methods to heal the
body.  His philosphy is to go after the cause of a disease, not simply treat symptoms
with chemical medicines.  Over the course of several months, he showed me that
even though I was eating better than I had years ago, I was still eating way too many
processed foods and stuff containing chemicals and such.

Dr. Alomar not only helped me change my diet and improve my eczema, he also
helped me discover that I was anemic, and taught me a lot about the body and how
it works.  One of the main things I learned was that the body uses three methods to
eliminate toxins from the body:  1. urine 2. bowels 3. skin (in that order).  Therefore,
if you have a skin problem, it is because the body cannot get rid of all the toxins
through the other two methods.  Therefore, you need to reduce the toxins coming
into your body (through healthy eating, of course) and through helping the other
methods become more efficient.

Now, I can actually wear shorts and not be embarrassed!  I don't wake up itching in
the middle of the night, I am not scratching all of the time, and I am not in pain from
numerous sores.

Our bodies are amazing machines that were created by God to function properly--if
we give it the right materials to work with.  In our screwed-up society, is it any
wonder we have so many problems physically?  How do you think the engine of
your car would run if you mixed mud or tar in with the gas every time you filled up?  
Yet we fill our bodies with crud and then are surpised when we have physical
ailments.  Dr. Alomar has helped people overcome not just skin problems, but
allergies, stiffness and pain, and other sicknesses.  Check out his website
( and read some of the stories from other patients.

Keith A. Robinson
Author of the novel
Logic's End
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